Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PDPSZA 2011: Zero to Hero

The Heroins (Shiyamala-Best Speaker Finals,
 Lavanya-Best Speaker Overalls, 
Martina-The Prime Minister) make us all so proud

UMK English Debate Team (Our First Year Debating)
The UMK English Debate team also known as “UMK Desperate Debaters” has achieved their most remarkable achievement in the period of one year as a club. UMK team 2 was announced the champion of the 11th Sultan Zainal Abidin’s Debate Cup tournament at UiTM Dungun on the 12th of June 2011 against International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) team 1 with a 5-2 split. Two teams represented our university; UMK 1 represented by Veronica Lok Li Wen (SBS2), Muhammad Firdaus Abd. Karim (SBN2) and Hemashangari (SBT2) and UMK 2 represented by Martina Irwan Khoo (SBH2), Lavanya Malini (SBT1) and Shiyamala Devi (SBN1). Both teams managed to break into the quarter finals but UMK1 lost to UiTM Dungun 1 with a 2-1 split. However, UMK2 (Government) took UiTM Dungun 1 down during semifinals with a 4-1 split on the motion “THW celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden”. On the motion “THBT the private lives of politicians should be the concern of the public” UMK2 as the government won the debate and Lavanya Malini was awarded Overall Best Speaker

Sunday, August 28, 2011


This post is dedicated to those who think debaters are geeks. I’m still not sure whether to be angry or to feel pity to those who discriminate and comment on things that their unfamiliar or threatened by. So, todays post is ALSO  for all those people who are interested in debating yet need that extra push to sign up.
  I really would like the opportunity to meet the guy who decided that debating was for geeks and give him a piece of my mind big SMACK! Who gave him the right to decide between what’s acceptable and what’s not in our society??

  Okay Breathe..!Now that’s out of the way let me let you in in a secret. Ladies and Gentlemen, debaters are GEEKS. Wait before you throw a shoe at me and call me a hypocrite I meant GEEK as in G-E-E-K (Gregarious, Exciting, Exemplary, and Knowledgeable).We are not  those  thick rimmed glasses wearing,anti-social  bookworms you see in  those American Drama Series. Allow me to school you on the latest version of geeks.
   Since I’m a Geek myself ill shake things up and start with K and work my way to G! Debaters are Knowledgeable! We need to be constantly updating ourselves with the latest information i.e. Foreign policies in France! Just because we read a lot that doesn’t mean that our lives revolves around reading only!Hey debaters are the biggest party animals I know ,so if you are up for having a good time, You know who to call! J
  Debaters are also Exemplary  individuals. This is clearly seen in our very own Desperados where they are not only active in debating but also in other activities and clubs. Not to forget, academic excellence. Okay I’m starting to sound like a college advertisement luring unsuspecting parents. Debate instils competitiveness and perseverance in its debaters. It teaches us to work hard and never give up on our hopes and dreams.
Your conventional Geeks just excel in academics and rarely interact in a social environment. That brings me to my third point, Debaters are Exciting! This sport is not only about  regurgitating  out vast amount of information but how well you use that information and persuade the audience to  agree with your stand. This is done best by linking that information with real life situations. Debate during the day AND we party at night. We Udd Kids really know how to have fun! Gosh I remember all those sweet times spent hanging out during tournaments, late night suppers and Karaoke sessions!
 Last but not least Debaters are Gregarious! Okay I admit we do talk a lot some of us more than others but hey! There’s nothing wrong with that, lets embrace our talkativeness! Debate opens up a channel for us to get to know people from various walks of life who can definitely relate to our experiences .I enjoy interacting with this amazing people who one day will be making headlines and making a big difference in the world.
  This post was created with love and also a personal agenda. This post was to prove to those haters out there why debating is a sport that has not received the recognition it deserves. I love debate and I’m proud to be a G-E-E-K.!
                                                                                                                    Stop The Insanity Go Organic

Monday, August 1, 2011

All Is FAIR in Love and Debate?

         Many may not agree,many of them might point fingers and laugh but here's the truth.Debate is a sport,and we debaters are athletes.When we stand in front of a crowd to deliver our speech,it's not only a mind game,our body and soul they play a HUGE part too.Our body becomes a whole different person for 7 minutes portraying different characters whilst our soul gives us the confidence needed to believe what we're  preaching is right.Competitiveness and rivalry come hand in hand in any sport,debate included.In the rush to put our universities name UP there,people tend to set aside principles and take this battle seriously.
       As a junior,a newbie in this debating world,i began to question myself.Where does one draw the line between reality and the debating world?Is everything actually fair in love and debate or does competitiveness transcend out of the debating arena into the real world?My first year as a UDD has made me a completely different person.My primary concern a year ago was what to wear and how my hair looked like,but now...Thanks to debate i realised that the whole world doesnt revolve around me.It's about our interactions with others and our contributions towards the well being of our society.Now armed with self confidence,a thirst for knowledge and desperateness to serve people im a new woman!
      This year has been a crazyyyyyy rollercoaster ride for us desperados.We have had our own share of drama,up and even downs ,If we had more we'd probably put Gossip Girls to shame!Throughout this i've earned a wonderful family which i love,New friends from various universities and yes..even landed myself a stalker or two =) .The passion and love for debate that i saw in my seniors soon spread to me and ignited my addiction.Yes World..I'm ADDICTED TO DEBATE..and i'm never going to rehab!The ultimate high that comes with capturing everyone's attention when you stand to speak is irreplacable.Somewhere deep in me,I know this is the root of all the problem.
         The high of being on top,being in control taken away from you by someone new will definately leave any normal human being with a bruised ego.This is the point where the lines between reality and debate becomes blurry and what we do after this determines who we are as a person.Why do we all become so obssed with winning and bringing home shiny trophies instead of enjoying special moments with great people doing the thing we LOVE the most?Why do we do everything and anything for the sake of winning?
          This amazing year,I've learnt a lot from all those blood ,sweat and tears as a Desperate Debater.
Checklist of things i've learnt :
  • Everything is done by God for a reason..So enjoy the ride
  • Karma is a BIGGER Biatch than you..
  • Be good to others if you want them to treat you the same
  • Competitiveness is the spice of life ...but never your WHOLE life
          In the spirit of new beginings,a brand new year of debating i'm proud to shed my competitative streak and open up to new people and experiances.Udd-ers have thought me that all MUST be fair in love and debate as love is the fuel that runs debate.This passion for everything debate is the factor that brings us together.At the end of the day,Lets all STOP the insanity and take the ORGANIC way by building bridges with love and not burning them down by resentment.

                                                                                                                Stop The Insanity Go Organic..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Y1x02: IIU Centralised Training & Royals 2010

IIU Centralised Training (July 2010)

 Desperate Debaters with Guest Speaker

 Desperate Debaters with Tasneem Elias (Superb IIU Debater)

 Desperate Debaters with Guest Speakers :)

Desperate Debaters with Yvonne (crazy UMS Debater)

 UMK Desperate Debaters with UMS & UniMAS Debaters :)

UMK DD, UMS & UniMAS Debaters with Latif IIU (MADUM)

Royals 2010 (UTHM)

 UMK Debaters (Malay & English) 

UMK Desperate Debaters with their crazy stunt!

Our never ending love with UniMAS debaters playing UNO :)

A beautiful memory at UTHM Staircase

Batu Pahat Mall (we just love photography session)

"Stop the insanity, Go Organic"
Fert UDD

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Y1x01: How I Met The Debaters?

The moment I came into UMK, my first ever dream was to be in a Debate team, represent our University in the Worlds and of course win something for UMK but then OH CRAP! We didn't have any debate club but they used to have a team whose no longer active debating when I came in. Ermm...seemed like another "kick-start" after the high school English committee but way worst. So hey kids, let me tell you a short story about "How I Met the Desperate Debaters?".

 1) Firdaus Fert a.k.a Expired Alpha
     Basically I found myself on the month of September 2009. Used to 
     be a high school debater. So the debating spirit was still there when I 
     left high school. I came in and start dragging these creatures into 
     "disaster" lol

2) Martina Irumi Khoo a.k.a the Diplomat
    I met her during English speaker's corner 2009. She spoke about 
    Family; surprisingly she sounded so naive, decent and innocent.
but before I knew she was in for the competition her classmate told me about this girl with good English conduct and she's a mix blood girl who's from Penang. So I persuaded her to be in the debate club and later went for East Coast Debate 2010. We lost all five rounds and ranked second last. YooHOO!!!  

3) Hemashangari a.k.a Hema Aka
Hema was a very serious girl with curly hair (neatly tied; so nerdy huh) back then when I met her after a lecture. I told her, "My roomate Mooi said you're good in English. Are you interested in Debating?" and yes...she gave a YES answer but still I need to hunt her down every time when we're gonna have a meeting.
4) Izzaty Iqlima a.k.a Secret Weapon &G.D.G
I met her during the first semester and yeah she's a hot girl. We were very close and we actually M.C-ed a few events. She told me that she used to be in Public Speaking Competitions and I said, "Alright, you're in the Public Speaking & Debating Club". She was forced to present a public speaking during the first meeting of the club and during the "Co-Curiculum Day Demonstration". Her spirits in debating was amplified after IIU Workshop.
5) Lavanya Malini a.k.a The Sky is Falling
I met her when she signed up for the club. During the first meeting she really made an Impression. She dragged along one of her friends who seemed scared and yea she gave me the do-you-know-i'm-freaking-out look? Lavanya is very stable and I can see her deep and pure interest in Debating. At that moment, I was smiling to myself because, "Yup, no worries I have an apprentice already".

6) Shiyamala Devi a.k.a The Vampire Girl
 Okay, now this is the girl who's been dragged into the club. I found out that she was my junior so wat da heck, I'm so gonna hunt you down Shiyamala. During the third meeting, it's so difficult to gather people to attend the club meeting. Yup, I'm falling apart already by Kazimah Roslan was there and so as Lavanya and Shiyamala. To keep her spirit in debating I included a clip from twilight so that she can talk about it. And YES she did with the hey-I-know-everythin-about-the-rabies-infected-creature look.

7) Veronica Lok Li Wen a.k.a The New Alpha
My persistence paid off here. I have to text her, call her and meet her up in person at that time. She was busy being in love and tracking her down is a serious business. She was there during the third meeting and another time during Royals training week. I noticed her talent when I met her during the Genetic class. She's good so let's bring her in. Apparently, she said YES! 

8) Danial Arif a.k.a Mr. Jiwang
My classmate was having an affair with him when I noticed that he spoke English. Alright, Ka Ching! Another guy to bring into the club. He told me he got some debating experience and I talked him into club.

9) Unetha a.k.a Mother Teresa, Kasthuri a.k.a the Chopper & Karuna a.k.a Hema's Boy Toy
Being known for her famous quotes, "Baby hatches are baby hatches" Unetha was dragged into the English debate after a special meeting. Karuna and Kasthuri was from the Tamil Division. But they were being persuaded to join the English debate because the rules of the club was changed that they need to pick another language besides Tamil. And they chose English.

10) Jeff, Colin & Nazirah
It has been almost a year running the club when the third season of speaker's corner took place. I received recommendations from my teammates and lecturers. Colin joined the club because of his interest. Jeff was persuaded by the debaters so as Nazirah. Every new members will need to go through the same ritual the moment their one of the desperate debaters, "An ice breaking speech".  

11) Farah Hafizah a.k.a Our Researcher
The most difficult to persuade but she then she said YES to our research team. And she's the first one ever.

and not to forget...

Kazimah Roslan, Faliza, Shyra, Lot, Mary Amalina, Hidayah Rahman, Asma, Yan and many more who was there with me before this dream became a reality. Kazimah was always there when I am down and when the meeting was not working enough. These people in not to forget is the most important part in the building up of UMK Desperate Debaters.

Dear readers,

The love that I have for these people is unwritten because it stays in me. Now, it has been almost a year before UMK Desperate Debaters celebrate it's first birthday. I would like to thank all the members for making this dream a reality. The tradition will stay when the new alpha takes my place and the spirit of the team will be pass from generation to generation. I love all of you guys very much that I'm willing to shed my tears for any victory you guys made, for any quarrels we made and for the memory & history we created.


"Stop the insanity, Go Organic"

Firdaus Fert
UMK Desperate Debaters President & Founder